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15 Creepy Nickelodeon Conspiracy Theories That Might Be True!

by: Screen Rant Duration: 11:14

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Nickelodeon has made some of the most beloved and memorable tv shows in history, and while their programming is aimed at kids, it’s biggest audience are the adults who grew up on it. These fans aren’t afraid to come up with some of the wildest conspiracy theories out there about their favourite shows, from Spongebob to Blue’s Clues. Some of these theories are funny, some are a little sad, and some are downright disturbing. From a theory that Spongebob actually died a long time ago and was replaced by a new sponge, to one that wonders if Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh is an insane serial killer. The Last Airbender could take place in a post-apocalyptic future, and maybe all the characters from Spongebob represent the 7 deadly sins. Could Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents be antidepressants, or could Arnold’s grandparents actually be his birth parents? Mondo Burger is clearly run by the mafia, Pete and Pete is all in one Pete’s mind, Helga is the real star of Hey Arnold and she’ll fight anyone who dares to say otherwise, Nickelodeon gets super meta with Drake and Josh being a show within a show, Steve from Blues Clues was on one long drug trip, as was Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys. Mr Krab definitely could be a pretty serious cannibal, Danny Phantom is just Timmy from The Fairly OddParents grown up, and perhaps the darkest theory of all, Amanda Bynes’ super fan Penelope actually killed Amanda herself and took her place.


SpongeBob Died
Crazy Steve
The Last Airbender
Deadly Sins
Prozac and Zoloft
Arnold’s Secret
Mondo Secrets
Pete’s Breakdown
Hey Helga!
Nick Gets Meta
Blue’s Clues
Krab Conspiracy
Danny and Timmy
Eliza’s Power
Penelope or Amanda

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