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Dirk Nowitzki - 30000 point game - Tributes and Extended Highlights

by: Dirk Duration: 10:57

"First of all, we all witnessed one of the most amazing accomplishments really in the history of sports. For me, this was a 13 minute and two second microcosm of one of the greatest careers in the history of this game.

Meticulous preparation, total commitment, unbelievable competitive spirit and a real flare for the moment. Watching Dirk over the past couple of days there was no doubt this was going to happen tonight. Our guys done an amazing job early in the game in finding him. LA was mixing up coverages trying to keep it a little confusing. Our guys just kept moving it and finding him.

The shot making was absolutely breathtaking. We are all privileged to be some part of this and I congratulate Dirk and I congratulate Holger, who is his longtime mentor who has done such an amazing job at bringing him along throughout his career starting with when he was a teenager.

We are extremely thrilled for Dirk. It’s going to take a while to sink in what this really means. The benchmark in baseball is 3,000 hits and there is 30 guys with 3,000 hits in the history of baseball. There is only six who have 30,000 points in the history of our game. The magnitude of the moment is something that we will probably need some time to digest.

There will never be another guy like this. This is a generational player and this is an uncommon human being in today’s world of professional sports. The loyalty he has shown this city and this franchise. The humility. Everything is just, you can’t spew out enough compliments and great things to say about him,” Carlisle said."

- Rick Carlisle