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Fifty Years of Chinese Science and Technology

by: SPRU Sussex Duration: 38:27

Prof. Geoff Oldham reflects on his experiences over fifty years, starting with this first visit to the Chinese mainland in October 1964 when he wrote in Science magazine of “the beginning of the Chinese scientific revolution”. He recalls decades of collaborative work between SPRU and Chinese institutions through the 1970s and 80s, including research conducted on technology transfer in the oil industry and in the area of ‘clean coal technologies’, links between provincial level research and policy making, and his contributions to policy evaluations in the 1980s and 1990s that saw him working alongside Chinese and international colleagues and reporting directly to the Minister of Science and Technology. Tracing China’s changing science and technology policies from the early focus on self-reliance to the ‘catching up’ of the reform and opening period that paved the way for China’s emerging leadership and current patterns of international collaboration, his talk charts the country’s ongoing transformation and the changing role of science and technology within it. It alsos provide an account reflecting on personal memories that have shaped Professor Oldham’s perspectives on this process.
The talk was part of the China Sussex Seminar Series