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Snow White 'Witch' Makeup Tutorial

by: Promise Phan Duration: 04:24



SNAPCHAT - Promise Phan


If you haven't watched my Evil Queen Tutorial you should because this is part 2 of the story Line :
My favorite part of the movie was the Evil queen's transformation into the Old hag. She mixes a bunch of weird stuff like Mummy dust, lizards toes to change herself but I will show you how you can do this simply with Makeup. No magical potions needed.

Products Used :
Big nose prosthetic
spirit Gum
Flesh Latex
Coastel scent Liquid foundation
coloupop Black brow eyeliner
Makeup Geek Shadows
Nyx jumbo eyeliner White
Rimmel london Eyebrow pencil
It cosmetics foundation
LA girl Usa Blush palette
Nyx Jumbo black Liner
It cosmetics contour kit
Nyx White eyeliner

Cape & Wig : Ebay
Contacts : Desio 'Desert Dream'
Snow White : My Sister Rose
CHECK OUT HER channel :

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