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The Messed Up Part Of These '80s Movies You Ignore

by: Grunge Duration: 12:07

We all love these '80s classics, but there's something pretty messed up in every single one of them. And the weird part? You might not have even noticed them until now.

1984's Ghostbusters is one of the most beloved comedy classics of all time, spawning a franchise that encompasses everything, including two different Saturday morning cartoons. It's also full of weirdness that goes well beyond the supernatural forces gathering at the top of Dana's apartment building.

The most bizarre element might just be how the movie's characters ignore one of its first hints of supernatural powers. When we're introduced to fan-favorite Dr. Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray, he's running a psychological experiment with a couple of grad students. The whole thing is rigged, a detail that's meant to underline Venkman's snarky, somewhat slimy personality. His tactics are less about research and more about flirting with a pretty blonde — which is probably why the university was inclined to fire the whole department. But there's one thing that's easy to miss: the experiment actually works.

The whole thing is ostensibly designed to show whether stress, in the form of electric shocks, can enhance psychic abilities. It turns out that it does, but Venkman decides to ignore that result. It's pretty surprising, since scientifically proving the existence of psychic powers probably would've been the biggest story of his career… if he hadn't also fought a giant ghost marshmallow with nuclear laser beams later that year.

Watch the video to see more messed up parts of these '80s movies you ignore!

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