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The Shocking Truth About Kawhi Leonard's Life | UNTOLD

by: NBA Insider Duration: 16:02

The Shocking Truth About Kawhi Leonard's Life | UNTOLD

Growing up as kids, many current NBA players recall the days of their youth where they visualized themselves getting drafted to the league. For some it was a dream come true and for others it was a lost fantasy that vanished never to return.

But in both of these instances there was a common goal. The objective within everyoneโ€™s eyes was to be the one to finally make it. NBA player Kawhi Leonard is the one who made it. Although he is now a superstar, many fans are not aware of the challenges he has faced to get to where he is today.

To truly understand Kawhi Leonard we must first understand where he came from. In todayโ€™s video we take a trip into the past to explore the rough journey that led to Kawhi Leonard becoming an NBA superstar. This is The Shocking Truth Behind Kawhi Leonard's NBA Career!

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